Part Time Work that yields Full Time Travel Benefits

If you’re interested in the field of bookkeeping, you’ll find that it is an ideal profession for someone who wants to work part-time.  There are traveling bookkeepers who make their living taking on a few clients a month, and make enough to pay the bills, supplement their pensions and combine their love of bill paying with travel.  Such a job would have been nearly impossible to pull off before the cloud made storing and sharing files so easy.  Now with a secure connection, you can find time in your travels to provide the service your clients need even when you are miles apart. Going paperless is the best way to manage as a travelling bookkeeper.  Life is so much easier when you can download all the bills, bank statements and receipts.  You can even receive texts of last minute items that must be included in the report, and easily update it. 

If you decide to travel, using the services of Hotwire to book your travel needs is a smart way to save time and money.  Especially if you add Groupon to the mix.  Hotwire is already known to millions for finding the lowest prices, but with Groupon codes, you can unlock more discounts that will favorably impact your bottom line.  Bookkeeping is all about time and money, using Groupon deals to save as much as 60% off hotel rooms and rental cars for less than $10 a day saves you both.  But it’s the quality of the rooms at the hotels they list that give people the best experience.  You’ll find 4-star rooms at 2-star prices, and can use the money saved to enjoy your vacation more.  That means more sunsets on the beach, more delicious meals in beautiful restaurants, and if you want to take a cruise, Hotwire can help you with that also.  All the while, as long as you have a strong, secure internet connection, you can continue to work for your clients.

Bookkeepers duties vary, but are usually charged with monitoring expenses, paying bills, downloading invoices managing accounts payable and receivable and making sure all the financial documents that should be included in the monthly report are accounted for.  By combing work with travel, and travel with Hotwire and Groupon, you can enjoy a lucrative stream of income for a long time.